Ali (tv)
appears as the main villain in Ali Means Business. She was once the best and the most powerful member of LONGNECK, an elite warriors division from the Mysterious Beyond and rose to the status of celebrity during the Sharptooth Wars. When the wars were at an end, however, Ali was sent on some random side-quest to the Great Valley, wherein she happened to learn the truth about herself. She discovered that she was actually a genetically-altered clone created by combining longneck DNA and spiketail feces. Driven uttely insane by this realization, Ali started firin' her lazer at many of her kin, killing thousands upon thousands of dinosaurs in the process. Years later, she was assumed dead after a close confrontation with some longneck kid named Littlefoot. However, a few weeks after her alleged death, Ali made a sudden and unexpected reappearance along with a new heard of longnecks. She's back for revenge, and this time she really means business!

Ultimate ObjectiveEdit

Ali's primary objective is to become the most powerful thing on earth, ruling the entire planet with an iron hoof. Anyway, in order to achieve superemacy, she attempts to summon the great evil known only as "Giygas", a powerful entity that could catastrophically destroy the entire planet. To this end, she has to face the combined forces of Littlefoot and his friends who are entirely helpless to stop her.