Dinosaur Train is a children's TV series on PBS Kids. It has two main characters, Buddy and Tiny. It has been the setting of two YTP's, Dinosaur Trains, Poop, and Time Travel parts 1 and 2.the place where almost all the shit that happens in the show is called pteranodon terrace which was built to the left of the great valley. Most of the time dinosaurs take huge pees,die,and go into 1955 or something. One of the most comman things that takes place on this show is time travel but with some stupid train, not a delorian but a train.who the hell would think of that shit. Are you kidding me! A train! The land before time is better than this shit. Oh the show is not as bad as littlefoot but who the hell cares. The only people that watch the show are kids who haven't seen back to the furture. there is this some shity rumor going about that tiny has a penis! another wretched place is the adventure camp for nature trackers or whatever the hell they are called.the adventure camp is even worse than pteranodon terrace and is overun by awesome tank battles,and if you are thinking the m1a1 abrams they have them. unlike the great valley which used to have a huge death rate, dinosaur train does not have this very high death rate. i don't know if thats because dinosaur trains animation is better or what. the place is ruled by this tyrannt named buddy who is just a big dick. buddy is evil and corrupt trying to turn it into the great valley 2! however that might not happen for couple millon years or so. why did the first editor of this page said it is a childrens series. well it is but trying to teach kids about econmics and how a bunch of fat stupid lazy retards on welfare teachs kids about the furture.but some ass edited the footage and it is like parody itself. dinosaur train is a horrible trader so thats why bad shit happens buddy and tiny are both about to be killed by the infamous longneck killer ducky or it might be the king. buddy and tiny have died or have been killed many times.the king,princess celestia, ducky, ali, god pterano, petrie, themselves, the conductor are usaully the causes of thier deaths. lots of bad crap happens in dinosaur train due to its stupid and corrupt leaders.