Ducky is a swimmer or whatever with a really annoying accent. she has been killed many many times , unfortunately  she is still alive due to clonings by the mighty evil princess Celestia. even better she was cloned by the tyrannt to kill littlefoot!  still she is bad and very disliked on Facebook.many dinosaurs such as troodons,sierra, and the mighty god Pterano have caused multiple deaths(although not as much as her stupid boyfriend petrie.) i dont care about this rhett-tarded page at all. i just want to get it done for gods sake. she has this stupid annoying yep yep yep going on...............millions of years later everybody dies due to that crap. all you hear is yep yep no has made some dinosaurs counquers,nuts, and commit suicide. she has a mom who nobody cares about and a retarded stupid brother named spike so something serious is going on with her weird family who nobody cares about.she has a boy friend named petrie who is also killed and cloned many many times.she has been sent by pinkie pie and princess celestia to kill littlefoot. but she is caught,killed,then cloned again by ponyville.unlike chomper who has a evil twin ducky just has repeated clones but only has about one fourth of that of petrie.yep yep yep ...please can somebody just kill her.                                        


Ducky about to kill Petrie