God Phono

Oooh, mysterious!

"LOL Spoilers!"


God Phonofoot is a strange article that you are now reading in this Wiki. JitteryDragon actually encountered him by finding some super-secret door in the Subspace Emissary.

What truly makes this Wiki article so strange is that it contains what appears to be a "spoilers" about the presence of this mysterious being know only as "God Phonofoot" of whom this article has been aptly named after...probably. His title may give away his identity, but perhaps this is one of those "Who's that Pokemon!?" moments where we think it's Pikachu, but it turns out that it was actually Goku from DragonBall Z the whole time! ...and then you call your therapist, yadda, yadda, yadda....

One thing's for sure: all of JitteryDragon's viewers and loyal fanbase must wait in anticipation to discover the true identity of this figure, many of them turing blue and dying of suffocation as they hold their breaths. While JitteryDragon's fans may be in great uproar or clamorous outrage at what may appear to be nothing an annoying tease by JitteryDragon, one must remember that suspense is flavor that is to be savored for it delicious quality rather than treated utilzing Varuca Salt's methods in Willie Wonka & Chocolate Factory. Indeed, suspense not too different from the simplicity of mild-mannered curiousity as one actually feels an inate desire mixed with fear to see what comes next. By all means suspense is a good thing: it is not an all-controlling TV remote with which JitteryDragon uses to control our lives. Rather it is a blissful enrapturement that we all accept whole-heartedly because, whether good or bad, the bottom line is we will most likely enjoy what it leads up to.

Now please forgive me for a moment while I search for a way to remove this strange computer chip that I've just discovered has been lodged into the back of my head...


photo taken by epic33

        (To the left is phonofoot)

            photo taken by epic33