The Main Overview Edit


God Pterano, sitting in his dungeon.

Pterano, after consuming the ultimate power fin Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. He now serves as the main antagonist in The Land Before Everyone Froze to Death, showing his mastery over heaven, earth, and everything in the middle. God Pterano is invincible (and a loonie) and has even begun competing with Satan for the "El Diablo" title. Recently, he cursed the Great Valley with a terrible winter storm that will most likely end in widespread hypothermia, frostbite, and death. Will our heroes manage to defeat him in the end? Or will this being of pure evil just obliterate everyone and everything? We can only hope for the latter.

However it seems he has some weakness, like being hit by rocks that fly real low causing him to fall slowly through the air, then flying quickly through the air until horrifically exploding. These things however only result in a temporary death. He was last seen somewhere epic.   

Pterano's Inventory: Array of Weapons and Attacks Edit

Pterano is notable for welding a vast amount of tricks up his wings, from a B.C. Rich Platinum Beast, a Chieftain sword, to dual M4A1's, and energy blast attacks.

List of Weapons: Edit

  • B.C. Rich Guitars - Platinum Beast
  • M4A1 with SOPMOD package, including Rail Interface System and Trijicon 4× ACOG. The barrel length is 14.5 inches (370 mm).
  • M4A1 with a Close Quarter Battle Receiver. The barrel length is 10.3 inches (260 mm).
    Chieftain Limited Edition Medieval Scottish War Sword 01
  • The Chieftain - Limited Edition Medieval Scottish War Sword - (Early Claymore, Type XIIIa)
Nintendo 64 console 01
  • Nintendo 64 console
Pterano flipping the bird 01
  • The bird

A Conclusive Demise Edit

Despite his showcase of vast amounts of power, and his numerous skills at a variety of weapons, Pterano could not bring to halt his inevitable death, being impaled by Phonofoot's bass guitar in a final confrontation, as seen in The Land Before Everyone Froze to death, Part 6.

Pterano falls out of the sky, once struck; still barely alive, he is then finished off by a shotgun blow to the head.

His death is then marked permanent by the signal of a "GAME OVER" screen, and thus Pterano's reign of power ends.

  • Pterano, impaled by Phonofoot's bass guitar
  • Pterano bleeding out.
  • Pterano's fallen guitar.
  • Pterano, falling to his death.
  • Pterano, upon realization that he has been defeated.
  • Pterano fallen down upon the snow.
  • Pterano, about to be finished off.
  • Shotgun blast to the head.
  • The "GAME OVER" screen thus marks Pterano's final death.