May or may not actually be JitteryDragon

JitteryDragon is the weirdo perfectly sane individual behind all the stuff on this Wiki (with the exception of most of the characters. They belong to their respective owners, I guess, but that's just so I don't get sued by Universal or something).

Who Is JitteryDragon? Edit

Whether Jittery is actually jittery or a dragon, is debatable. In fact, it has become one of the most heated debates of the century! Alongside the meaning of life, philosophers have long argued about the mystery of the person who may or may not be a dragon (and jittery, but the dragon part is waaaay cooler). If he were a dragon, that would be awesome. How would he even use a computer? Is he one of those western types with arms, legs and wings? See... this stuff has stumped people for years. We can do all sorts of cool things nowadays, but we still can't figure out if a guy is a dragon or not.


His name comes from nowhere in particular. Yes, that's right kids... there's no epic back-story regarding the name...well, okay, that's only partly true. As you may have guessed (and everyone knows you love guessing), "Jitts" is a big fan of all things scaly and draconic. He is also liable to jump several meters into the air if one secretly taps him on the shoulder when he's not looking. So please, for the love of all that's good an holy, refrain from performing any unexpected shoulder-tapping action.

Did he mention that he's also an Australian? He didn't? Well he is, just so you know. Rumor has it that he spent an entire year traversing Australia's outback with nothing but a bottle of water, a can of bug spray, and a plastic spork. Hell, he'd probably make Bear Grylls roll in his grave..........................................................................................................................................

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Dragon JitteryDragon!

Crikey! Now it all makes sense!

How it all began...Edit

Guido 1

Guido: Jittery's most faithful avatar.

One sunny day sometime in 2008 in a little place called Tasmania (it's that little island under Australia), JitteryDragon and his sister (who is also a weirdo  perfectly sane individual) were exploring the local video store. They decended into the childrens movie section, like the crazy dungeon explorers they were. They did this for no real reason what-so-ever.

On a lonely little shelf sat every single Land Before Time DVD that had ever been made. Yup, there they were, sitting neatly in one row like a row of things a row.

"By golly," cried Jittery's sister. "Have they really made thirteen of them?"

"Holy velociraptors, Batman!" shouted Jittery, scaring several patrons throughout the store, "They have!"

Jittery and his sister just stood there, starring in stunned silence. Jittery then recalled a time when he was much younger and how he had watched those movies. Suddenly something stared to boil within Jittery;s body--an unexplainable urge to do...something swelled up from the depths of this body and sould. And for once it didn't involve food.

"I have to watch them all," Jittery said with determination.

"Go right ahead"' his sister replied, disinterested.

There was little time for more thought, because as Jittery reached out towards the movie rack, he and his sister were were suddenly attacked... by ninjas!

The ninjas surrounded them and started shouting in Japanese! Unfortunately neither of our heroes understood a word of it!

"Uh oh, ninjas!" Jittery cried.

"Not again..." Jittery's sister moaned in frustration.

It was that our two heroes went back-to-back, facing the onsalught. Luckily, Jittery and his sister had come prepared--wielded ancient weapons they had stealthfully concealed until now. Jittery pulled out his > 9000 Power-sword, while his sister pulled a massive gatling gun out from under her shirt.

"Where on earth--" Jittery began to ask.

"Don't ask," she replied before firing the massive gun like a maniac.

So began a long and epic battle that will be talked about in many generations to come. It was quite awesome to behold too! There was lots of cool choreography, bullet-time sequences, and somehow they even managed to include a bizarre tap-dancing musical number about halfway through, appropriately backed by an awesome heavy metal soundtrack that just came outta nowhere.

Note: Due to licensing limitations, we can't actually show you video footage or images of the battle...but it was really cool! Honest

They fought hard and long, and in the end the ninjas were no match for our death-dealing duo. When the smoke had cleared, all that was left standing were Jittery, his sister, and that one shelf over in the corner. Everything else had been utterly and completely destroyed. Luckily, most of the battle had taken place in the Pop/Hip-Hop Music CD section of the store, so nothing of value had been lost.

"Well, that was awesome!" Jittery remarked while he wiped a bucket full of blood from his sword. "Say, I could use a drink."

"I'll say, I'm parched!" His sister replied, as her gatling gun cooled down.

So they left the store, laughing jocularly as the roof collapsed around them due to the building being completely wrecked.

Sometime after all this had occurred, Jittery started making YTPs. Heh...Go figure.




Yes, yes it is.

Super fun facts! Edit

Did you know?

  • Jitts likes pizza, and will repeatedly remind you of this.
  • He also like cartoons, and will repeatedly remind you of this.
  • When he isn't making YTP (which is pretty much all the time), he enjoys such funtastic hobbies such as: Drawing, Eating, Writing, Gaming, Warhammer (40k), DnD, Eating, Sleeping, Riding, Working, Eating, Working some more, Sleeping and Eating.
  • Jitt has the best taste in music, Power metal FTW


  • Once you have made eye contact, do not look away... as he will steal your hat. If you don't wear a hat, then you are safe. At least we think you are. If you lose anything else, we are not accountable for it.
  • He will occasionally moo like a cow for no reason during conversation. If this ever occurs, kindly ignore him until he recovers from that temporary lapse into...whatever causes him to do that..
  • Don't feed him caffiene... just... don't. We're watching you, buddy.
  • Do not take more than two doses of JitteryDragon per day. (If symptoms persist, see your nearest doctor or maybe a wizard)
  • Side effects include: nausea, aches, itching, repeditive uncontrollable laughter, watching kids movies for no reason, weight gain, stomach ulcers, loss of bladder control, shapeshifting into useless items, solving mysteries with a talking dog, spoiling the ending to movies, it was his sled, stutter- stuttering, inappropriate use of exclaimation marks! loss of speling abitilty, spoiling the ending to books, Harry kills Voldemort, the one ring is destroyed, RuGaard becomes the Tyr, overly long gags, headaches, and Batman!
  • I wrote all this because I had nothing better to do. Somebody else edited it for the same reason.