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This is God Pterano. He enjoys long walks on the beach, cake, luaghing maniacally, absolute power, classical music, and complete world domination. Don't be shy, go say, "Hello" to him. I'll be standing waaay over here.

Yup, this here is the JitteryDragon Wiki, a wiki describing in ridiculously fairly overblown accurate detail the infamous famous mildy popular YouTube Poops of JitteryDragon. Apparenty there are various other things here too, like the meaning of life and death. Nobody really knows for sure why this place exists, it just does. It's kinda like that Starbucks down the road from your place, except without all those uptight rich f*ckers.

But I digress...

Go nuts!...err, that is to say, don't go too nuts--that would be bad. After all, we don't want you going insane or anything over a Wiki, now do we? I mean, how would you explain that to your psychiatrist? You'd be in the loony bin before you knew it. Of course, that might not actually be a bad thing--I've heard that they give you ice cream in there.

Of course, that's only a rumor...I've never been in one, personally.

Anyway, go forth and have thyself a grand an adventure!


This week, in the news:

  • Bear attacks Bear Grylls. Irony causes nearby tree to catch fire.
  • Extreme Battleship Surfing doesn't take off as expected. Several fans dissapointed... also some other appliances were too.
  • Some guy discovers a dinosaur that had missile launches on their shoulders. Whole demise of the dinosaurs explained.
  • "The Grey Knights aren't that good. I mean, psychic powers are for pansies... except Farseers, cause they fuck shit up," complains Warhammer player that totally isn't jittery.
  • Astroid flys close to earth, "It flew real low" Exlaims Apatosaurus with phonograph for head .
  • Cat tells parking meter to "meow meow meow," or something like that.
  • penis penis penis
  • blah blah blah