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marks the very first YTP that JitteryDragon ever made. Neat huh? But wait--it gets better! At first, Jittery's videos were like unto lost souls in Purgatory in that nobody seemed to notice nor care about them. That is, until one fateful day that he decided to create the poetic masterpiece that is Ali Means Business. While much of JitteryDragon's success is owed to his utmost in igenuity and insanity, he also introdcued Chroma Keyed images and effects to his videos, which quickly became commonplace . Brilliance, I say! Pure, unadulterated brilliance!

Removal of LBT XXXVII, Part 1 Edit

Apparently, those evil, diaper-clad, YouTube copyright policemen decided that "YTP = BAAAAAAAAAD!" and banhammer'd Jittery's very first video (and apparently only in certain countries). I guess some people don't recognize true artist talent, even when it farts directly in their faces.