Petrie, in his last moments before he was eaten by Chomper

"Oh yeah!? Well, in trouble! 'Cause my friends [are] acting like !@#$% &/!@ #$%&, f\?#ing b@$?%&/!"


Petrie is some flyer who, when he's not stirring up a swear-storm with his mouth spend most of his time being hideously killed or dying horribly. His parents named him after a plastic dish full of bacteria in reference to his origins. Indeed, Petrie has been cloned many, many times. No doubt Petrie's sanity is heavily affected by his repeated cloning, not to mention he spends a lot of time with Littlefoot and the other children.

Only time will tell whether or not he will eventually go completely insane. Or maybe he already has...who knows?

Embarrassing Rumors FactsEdit

He has a diabolical uncle named Pterano who is largely responsible for his repeated cloning. More often than not, Petrie serves as Pterano's errand boy, which in turn usually causes Petrie to die some more.

Petrie has sometimes demonstrated the uncanny ability to fly. Go figure.

His genitals are something that still disturbs many, many people... someone says that he actually has an incredibly huge power inside: they call it the "Falcon Pingas". The problem (or maybe the good thing) is that Petrie has no clue of how to use it (and that's quite obvious, since his IQ is extimated to be approximately -999)

Rainbows make him cry.

He has been recently killed for the >9000th time by the evil God Pterano (his uncle. Wow). Could this be his definitive death? Unfortunately, I don't think so...

Reasoning behind the use of a BC Rich guitar instead of ESPEdit

Some person had the audacity to question as to Petrie would dare use a BC Rich guitar, known for its exotic shape.and sub-par sound quality After all, the guitar that he is holding in this wiki's logo is a BC Rich, ain't it!? The answer is very complicated, but it's closely related to Petrie's penis in the context that BC Rich guitars look nice but do not work very well.what the $&%# is this petrie bc rich crap anyway?or maybe petrie might be the next pterano and god pterano due to the fact that god pterano plays a bc rich and so does petrie. There are many rumors going about that petrie will look just like pterano when he grows up. So that's why he has been killed many many times, and that's why pterano clones him so petrie can be the next god pterano!!!!!!!!! Ok can the stupid editor stop putting so many exclamation marks we are wasting this stupid page on some stupid mark.