Pterano is a power hungry villain who hates violence and the Dutch.

Role in the seriesEdit

Pterano is villain after Satan's own heart, equally comparable to Shakespear's Iago. His mastery of deception combined with his mad guitar skills make for the ultimate evil in this world of prehistoric madness.

Pterano makes his first appearance in the epic tale, Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies as (who else) the main antagonist. He, along with his two cronies seek to increase their power levels to over 9000 with the help of the Stone of Cold Fire. Oh noes! Since then he is briefly shown to be the mastermind behind the snowstorm that occurs in The Land Before Everyone Froze to Death.

Pterano is also Petrie's uncle and often serves a the main cause of Petrie's constant dying throughout Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies. Pterano has influenced Petrie in a variety of ways, like teaching him how to swear, comsume vast amounts of pills, and go to on suicide missions take dr. However, Petrie's tendency to die on these suicide missions has forced drastic measures and create clone successors of Petrie. However, with each successive clone, Petrie's sanity undergoes a noticeable decrease. Only time will tell before Petrie becomes utterly and completely insane.

Acquisition of PowerEdit

During the events of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, Pterano strive to find the Stone of Cold Fire eventually paid off when he finally discovered the rock, invoked the name of Lucifer, and touched it.

As a result of his meddling with the incomprehensible powers of whatever, Pterano underwent a dramatic transformation, becoming God Pterano in the process.

Now he has become unstoppable...until he is stopped, that is.