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It will take him a few years before he finds out about that sign...

(Japanese: ヤドン Yadon) is a dual-type Slug/Psychotic Pokémon. It first appeared in the The Land Before time and has somehow continue to be a factor in every film following. Let's face it, the children just can't get rid of this parasite.

Spike cannot evolve into any other Pokémon. It just hatches from an egg, eats large amounts of green food, and sleep for long periods of time. Even when faced with the prospect of dying horribly, Spike will never pass up an opportunity for a free meal. Unlike Littlefoot, Spike never actively leads anyone into danger, rather death occurs to and around him because he simply doesn't do anything about dangerous situations when they occur.



Spike is a large greenish-coloured creature which resemble a cross between a salamander, a hippopotamus, and something else. Its head is extremely light towards where its brain is loctaed, and it has some kind of weird inner monologue going on within its ears.

Gender differencesEdit

Spike meets a female (no, really) version of itself in The Land Before Everyone Froze to Death, known as Tippy. This caused a critical systems failure as well as an inevitable blue screen of death. However, they seem to get along really well... a little too well if you ask me. I mean, they could be cousins or something! ...not that it stopped Littlefoot and Ali from....eww...but you should at least show some decency and do some research or something. Oh, hell, what do I know!? Just get a hotel or something, I hear Norman Bates has some really nice suites set up around the country...

Special abilitiesEdit

Spike can sit there and do nothing, eat, sleep, cause death to those around him by doing stuff, and have innner monologues about old CD-i games.


Spike is an amphibious creature of notoriously dim intellect (although not nearly as stupid as Littlefoot...maybe). It take a long time to respond to outside stimuli, sometimes as much as thirty seconds for it to process pain. Its brain is particularly numb to pain, it takes more than a day for it to feel the pain of being bonked on the head. It is also easily distracted and ofthen forgets what is were doing. Many of the adults view Spike as being largely useless...and they'd be 100% correct in this assumption. Some even believe that Spike's farts cause snowing to occur in dry places.


Water, and anything coloured green.


Favorite Things Edit






*and Buritos