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The cock is a cock(the bird,not the penis)which appears in all of jitteryDragon's YTP's and is one of only two characters which make completely unpredicted appearances and don't belong to any franchise (the other one is weegee)

in Petrie has a neurotic breakdown and then kills everyoneEdit

New Cock

The cock appered in Petrie has a neurotic breakdown and then kills everyone as a half-camreo and half-main character,meaning it was on of the characters in this movie with a role as a camreo character and a role as a main character.It appered in the movie in a scene where it was standing on tria's pile of shiny stones and was hidden behind a black bar .He appered in that scene until Cera made it fall into a river when she stumbled over the pile of tria's shiny stones

in other filmsEdit

It makes random appearances in Ali means business