Weegee(simply known as Evil Luigi or YTP Luigi)is a character in almost every land before time YTP by JitteryDragon and is Malleo's brother.                                  

In Rocks Fall, Everyone DiesEdit

Weegee appered in Rocks Fall,Everyone Dies as a half-camreo and half-main character, meaning he was on of the characters in this movie with a role as a camreo character and a role as a main character. He appered in the movie in a scene where Pterano was talking.He appered in that scene until Pterano hit him with one of his wings

In Everyone Froze To DeathEdit

In this movie, Weegee appered in one of the T-Rex's Footprints. When Ducky steped on his head's cap, She fell into the footprint Weegee's head was in.

In The Krabs Who Blew Up Christmas(Normal And Brawl Editions)Edit

In the normal mode, Weegee and his brother appered as Mr.Krab's Minions. In the SSBB mode, Weegee's role character was Luigi in a Weegee costume.